Thermal Imaging

The Minneapolis Star & Tribune Interviewed our company before the South Minneapolis Housing Fair in February 2011. the article  featured our use of  " thermal Imaging " to pinpoint heat loss to help with ice dam prevention through a " Whole Building Approach ".

We are the only full time remodeling company in the Twin Cities Metro area that uses Thermal Imaging to check our own work throughout the building process.

Another article ran in the Star & Tribune later in February 2011 stating that the Minnesota Department of Commerce Office of Energy Security ( OES ) listed these ice dam prevention tips.

#1 Seal attic air leaks because these will lead to ice dams.

#2 Identify trouble spots with an energy audit that uses " Thermal Imaging "

#3 Don't think that additional insulation insulation alone will stop ice dams- air leaks are the bigger issue.

Halet Remodeling has always approached home insulation with  a "whole Building Approach", this along with the number of phone calls this past winter concerning ice dams has caused us to create a specialty division within the company.  " Halets Energy Efficency Remodeling ".

With Thermal Imaging we can pinpoint the issues, see through the walls to the source of the problems.  Repair the problems, and re-test the work when complete... Capture visable proof after the repairs are complete.

We are able to see: Heat loss around windows and doors, even within the wall itself.  Insulation either missing, deteriorated or setteled.  Mold.  Water intrusion in roof, walls, floor and foundations.  Structural issued WITH OUT opening up the walls.  Rodents, bees, ant nests and other " Un-invited guests"

Our report will feature thermal images showing major and minor air leakage, water infiltration and leaking, and an estimate to repair the problem areas.

HALETS "Energy Efficency Remodeling" using a whole building approch will greatly improve the overall comfort, efficency & livability of your home.  *** STOP THE ENERGY FROM LEAVING YOUR HOME***

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