Condos & Lofts

Condominium and loft remodeling is a speciality that most  remodelers have no expierence in.  Having worked in almost every condominium building in Minneapolis and many in St. Paul , Halet Remodeling & Renovations Inc. has the expertise you need.  We understand the special requirements imposed by the property management companys and the requirements of the actual building managers on site, review committees and association rules.

Special requirements for elevator use, loading and unloading of material and construction waste, storage of material and the logistics of parking permits, obstruction permits for on street parking, scheduling water and mechanical shut offs to accomidate the project. Then there is the issue of keeping all neighbors happy while the project is active, two sides as well as above and below the unit being worked on. Communication is the key to success and we are very good at it.

Sometimes a project will require the use of a structural engineer and or building architect to create your project and to protect the structure of the building. Having completed many complicated remodels where we were connecting adjacent units into one or removing walls or partial walls within the unit we have the skill and expertise required in these situitations.  After all we need to sleep at night too.

With the increased growth of people moving tward the city and the increase in new units being built, along with existing owners of older units that need updating, the need for an expierenced Condominium / Loft remodeler is significant.  We have developed our own special condo remodel elevator boxes that are tall tool boxes on wheels and will fit into  any elevator and through your units entry door to transport everything we need in an efficent and safe manner while protecting the hallways and common areas from unnecessary dings and scuffs. This makes the building managers and your neighbors VERY happy, after all those areas belong to them also.                                                                                                                                                                                

Our  condominium / loft project list includes kitchens, bathrooms, room conversions, connecting or subdividing rooms, connecting two adjacent units into one larger unit. whole unit make overs and new blank unit build outs.  No matter the size of your project we have the skills to make your project a success while at the same time keeping your neighbors informed and in the loop at the same time.